Social Anxiety Disorder Sucks

Social anxiety disorder symptomsIf you suffer from social anxiety disorder, you know it sucks.  There is a debilitating feeling that is almost always present.  You may be constantly worried about being judged.  You may feel inadequate almost always.  You may view others as being superior or view yourself as being inferior.  You may not feel as pretty, as important or as relevant.

Social Anxiety can negatively affect relationships or even prevent relationships from developing.  Boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, children and parents may be strained by your social anxiety.

Most of us feel some sort of social anxiety in our life.  Developmental social anxiety is experienced by almost all at some point during the teenage years and puberty.  For many, a certain amount of anxiety persists into the early 20’s as the fear of being evaluated by others begins to combine with the fear of failure.  As you become more independent this begins to fade for most.  For some, this new found confidence is tied to career, love, money, education, or friendship.  If you are struggling in one of those categories it may be harder to shake your social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety disorder may be tied to a specific fear.  Public speaking is a common phobia that directly relates.  For some it might be fear of eating in public, fear of meeting new people, or fear of trying new things.  All of these things that happen to us regularly, but give us anxiety, can turn a fear into a disorder.

How Can We Control Social Anxiety

For some, this may be easier than for others.  Many people find success by taking their phobias head on, overcoming them and thus eliminating the source of anxiety.  Afraid of heights?  Jump out of a plane!  Sure it’s going to suck but once you do it, you may realize it’s not that bad.  Afraid of speaking in public?  Go to an open mic poetry reading!  That’s about as bad as it’s going to get (especially if you are reading poetry you wrote) and if you can do that, everything else should be cake.

For others, beating social anxiety will not be that simple.  As with other types of anxiety, there are numerous studies that suggest Magnesium might help.  Anxiety is triggered by low magnesium levels.  Eating foods high in magnesium or taking a daily magnesium supplement could be the answer.  There is not proof that this can cure anxiety but the studies, testimonials and the science behind it is awfully convincing.  I am convinced that magnesium can prevent anxiety attacks.