3 Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms Preventing a Good Night’s Sleep

sleeping well by stopping magnesium deficiency symptomsYou can never underestimate the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.  Waking rested is one of the best feelings in the world.  You jump out of bed.  You have a smile on your face.  Maybe you even sing in the shower.  If you have a great night of sleeping you are more productive throughout the day, less irritable, more appreciative of your family, and the list goes.

The problem is that for most of us, those great nights are few and far between.  We know the feeling of waking completely rested.  Unfortunately we are much more familiar with the feeling of sleeping like crap.

The causes of poor sleep can be differ from one person to the next.  Whatever the reason, have you considered that your sleep struggles might be magnesium related?

1 in 2 Americans may be suffering from sleep related magnesium deficiency symptoms.  While an even greater number (as high as 80%) suffer from at least one symptom of a magnesium deficiency, let’s for a moment just consider sleep related magnesium deficiency symptoms.

1 in 2.  That’s half.  If you are married that means there’s a good chance you or your partner is having trouble sleeping due to a lack of magnesium.  Let’s discuss 3 major magnesium deficiency symptoms that prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.


For us women this may be the number one thing that prevents us from getting the rest that we need.  Before our head even hits the pillow we are running down a list of things we have to do tomorrow.  How can we expect to rest our body and our brain when we have such a hard time turning it off.

Magnesium is a natural anti-stress and anti-anxiety mineral.  Magnesium can prevent anxiety attacks as well as relax the muscles and calm the nerves.  Maybe it’s a bit extreme to consider your nighttime worry and anxiety attack but have you wondered what an anxiety attack feels like?  It’s not far off from what I used to feel everyday.  That was before I started taking a daily magnesium supplement of course.

Night Sweats

This one was my husband for sure.  He used to wake up in the middle of the night.  His pillow would be soaked.  The sheets would be wet.  His body would be drenched.  This not only woke him up.  It created an uncomfortable situation that made it difficult to fall back asleep.

Much like stress, sweating in the night is not just a symptom of a magnesium deficiency.  As your body expels the excess water a mineral imbalance is created.  The result is depleted magnesium and sodium levels.  And the cycle continues.

Restless Leg Syndrome

RLS is a neurological disorder characterized by the uncontrollable desire to move one’s legs to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations.  It can be described as an itch that can’t be scratched.  It may also feel like crawling or a dull tickle that won’t stop.

This sensation associated with restless leg syndrome may be noticeable when awake.  The problem is relaxation or attempting to sleep heightens the sensation.  It may get to the point which makes it impossible to sleep.  The only relief comes from getting out of bed and walking around.

If you can relate to any of these magnesium deficiency symptoms or some of the many other magnesium deficiency symptoms, a magnesium supplement may be the cure you’ve been looking for.

You are not alone in the quest for a good night’s sleep.  Remember 1 in 2 are suffering from the same problems you are.  I encourage you to share this article.  Whether you tell your friends at work or on facebook, I can promise this story will resonate with some.  We are just now starting to realize the benefits of magnesium.  We are the trend setters.  I invite you to join me in my mission and walk with me on this journey towards better health and better sleep.


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