Reverse Osteopenia & Increase Bone Density

osteopenia, osteoporosis and the benefits of magnesium supplements as you ageBy now we know our body is a complex network easily thrown off track.  Our bones are no exception.  Bones require minerals to remain strong.  Osteopenia occurs when bones are weakend due to low mineral levels.

Oteopenia is a weakening of the bones that has not yet progressed into osteoporosis.  Your doctor can diagnose you with osteopenia based on your measured bone mineral density.

If you have Osteopenia you are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis.  A study by Harvard Medical School warns medication may not be as effective for treatment of Osteopenia as mineral supplements.

Osteopenia can usually be reversed by treating the cause of the mineral loss and then replacing those minerals.  Calcium is often associated with bone strength.  But what about Magnesium?

Your bones are made up of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphate.  If you suffer from low magnesium levels, calcium can be depleted from your body, preventing it for being absorbed you your bones.  Poor Diet, alcoholism and sedentary lifestyle can increase the rate of bone density loss.Magnesium is the mineral that can kick start your body into increased bone density by facilitating calcium absorption.  A diet consisting of Magnesium Rich Foods is the easiest place to start.

Doctors recommend a daily magnesium intake of 300-400 mg.  This is hard to achieve through diet alone.  If you are taking supplemental calcium to treat Osteopenia, take half as much daily magnesium.  If you take 600 mg of calcium as a supplement, you should take 300 mg of magnesium.

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