Natural Panic Attack Treatments

In order to successfully treat panic attacks it is important to first understand panic attacks.  Panic attacks are a result of the bodies natural fight or flight response.  They are usually triggered by stressful situations or a perceived threat.  Originally humans relied on this instinct for survival.  In today’s world it results in irrational worry.

Symptoms of a panic attack may include difficulty breathing, the feeling of loss of control, tightness in the chest, heart palpitations, numbness in limbs, feeling faint or dizzy, racing heart, sense of terror or doom, and sweating or chills.  There are other less common symptoms that may also be associated with panic attacks.

Remember, panic attacks are a result of a perceived threat.  Because there is not usually any actual danger, panic attacks are actually extremely treatable.

Natural methods for panic attack treatment are, in my opinion, more effective in the long run and carry far fewer negative side effects.

woman doing yoga to ease anxiety naturally


Practicing yoga is really an outstanding way to achieve a sunnier outlook on life overall.  Yoga promotes a sense of calm, prevents panic and decreases anxiety naturally.  It results in added confidence and better body awareness.  Yoga can even speed the release of hormones that rev up sexual arousal.

Select Vitamin Supplements

Calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B  all contribute to the health and proper functioning of the nervous system.  They aid in hundreds of biochemical reactions inside the human body. Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin B also support the production of neurotransmitters, chemicals that help relay messages between nerve cells.  All act together to help relieve anxiety & control the onset of panic in addition to hundreds of other benefits.  A diet high in calcium, vitamin B and foods high in magnesium can all be extremely beneficial.


Eliminating caffeine and alcohol, reducing sugar intake, eliminating refined carbohydrates and foods with additives and chemicals may help lessen anxiety symptoms and control panic attacks. To minimize withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, gradually reduce your caffeine intake. Instead of caffeinated beverages, try drinking tea made from chamomile, which can relax you without causing drowsiness or starting an addiction.

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