Irrational Worry & Generalized Anxiety Disorder

generalized anxiety disorder and irrational worryIt is hard to get through your day when your fears are constantly present.  If you consistently worry about everyday events and activities you may be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder that may result in anxiety attacks.

Generalized anxiety disorder is just one of many classifications that can be given to someone that suffers from anxiety.  If you suffer from anxiety, no matter what the classification there are certain symptoms that all have in common.  Whether you experience social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks or generalized anxiety disorder, all involve irrational and seemingly uncontrollable thoughts.  These thoughts often result in avoidance behavior.  This avoidance behavior can be related to social situations or daily tasks, and is what creates the debilitating effects of any anxiety disorder.

In most cases a person suffering from these anxiety attacks knows that their thoughts are irrational yet is unable to overcome them.  Since we cannot simply “turn these thoughts off,” we must learn how to control, cope, and eliminate.

Ways to Eliminate Generalized Anxiety Disorder

People who suffer from anxiety disorders have one main concern in the forefront of their mind at all times.  They want to make sure that their thoughts and more specifically, their worries never come true.  They want to eliminate all doubt and may try to do so by the avoidance of situations as mentioned earlier.  They also may try to eliminate doubt by forcing control.  This is where and why the rituals associated OCD develop.  Since it is impossible to be 100% sure that something could never happen, we suffer from anxiety as we consider the possibilities.

When we explore the ways to eliminate generalized anxiety disorder we often focus on changing our thoughts.  Trying to eliminate these irrational thoughts from our life essentially guarantees that they will reappear.  What we must do is not try to stop these thoughts but change our reaction to these thoughts.  We must try to respond to these thoughts as simply symptoms of anxiety and not probable outcomes.

For me magnesium was the key.  I began taking a daily magnesium supplement at the beginning of this year.  I started my journey when I began to discover the benefits of magnesium.  There are numerous studies that detail the ways that magnesium can be a natural cure for anxiety.

Whatever the way you decide to move forward I wish you success.  I know first hand how tough it can be.  I cannot say I am cured or that anxiety disorders are even curable.  What I can say is I am glad I decided to take charge.  I am living my life.  I feel great.  We all suffer from anxiety at some point in our lives.  I found a way to control my anxiety and you can too.

I encourage you to share this post with your friends.  Chances are some of them are suffering from anxiety or depression.  I have made it my mission to help spread the word.  To help others realize that they are not alone and to get the conversation started.  You can help too.  Join the conversation.

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