Help, I Just Had An Anxiety Attack

help i had an anxiety attackHave you said this before?  Even worse, have you felt this before and said nothing?  Worse yet, have you felt this before and done nothing?

Millions of Americans suffer from symptoms of anxiety.  Some cases are more severe than others.  All I know was mine was severe enough for me to finally take action.  Once I did my life changed.  I now have more energy, I wake up earlier and more easily.  I embrace each day.

I think the problem with anxiety is we don’t talk about it nearly enough.  As a matter of fact, if you are like me the thought of discussing and anxiety attack was enough to give me an anxiety attack.

We want to be “normal.”  I use that term loosely and put it in quotes because what is normal?  I have seen staggering numbers related to anxiety.  Studies show 28% of Americans are likely to experience Intense Anxiety in their life.  Think about that, Intense Anxiety.  I know for a fact any amount of anxiety feels intense at the time of an attack.

Everyone Experiences Anxiety

I would bet that everyone feels anxiety to some degree in their life.  Most will not admit it.  They fear it’s a sign of weakness.  And we cannot afford to be weak.  The road to success will not allow it.

This has become my mission.  Anxiety, depression and extreme stress.  These are more harmful to our health than cigarettes, alcohol and potato chips.  These are the killers.

For me the magnesium was the key to preventing anxiety attacks.  It turns out magnesium was the key to my health.  But that’s not my point right now.  I am looking to start the conversation.

It’s OK to Have Anxiety

You know that feeling you get when you find out you have something in common with a complete stranger?  All of a sudden you have something to talk about.  I am not suggesting you talk to some random on the street about your feelings of anxiety.  I am asking you to be OK with the fact that you worry.  Admit you have fears. Don’t be afraid to talk with your friends or your family or your partner.

It’s OK to have anxiety.  I bet others do too.

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