Could Taking Magnesium While Pregnant Be Dangerous?

This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked.  Granted most of my friends and people who know me are around my age.  This happens to be the age that people begin having babies.

I also think this is a very important question.  One that definitely needs to be addressed so let me do my best.

I am not going to give you a yes or no answer.  I am definitely not a doctor and have no desires to give that type of advice.  I will tell you exactly what I tell my friends when they ask me, “can you take magnesium while pregnant?”

Is It Safe to Take Magnesium During Pregnancy?

First of all a little disclaimer.  I am an advocate for magnesium supplements.  I will always tend to give you more reasons you should take magnesium while pregnant vs. why you should not take magnesium while pregnant.

A magnesium deficiency may lead to premature birth.  Magnesium naturally works to relax muscles.  Proper magnesium levels may prevent the uterus from contracting prematurely.

Magnesium helps repair tissue.  This is extremely valuable at a time when your body’s tissue is being pushed to the limits.  Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar.  This can reduce or eliminate those dramatic mood swings.

Magnesium also helps stop leg cramps.  One heck of a bonus when everything hurts.  Magnesium can also curb nausea which is great for those of us suffering from morning sickness.

Physical and emotional stress associated with pregnancy can deplete magnesium levels in your body.  Healthy growth of the fetus requires a steady supply of nutrients from the mother.  If a stressful pregnancy is depleting magnesium it’s logical to replace them.

Magnesium acts to optimize your blood pressure.  This will come in handy when it’s time for delivery.  Not to mention, there are studies that show magnesium can increase your pain threshold.  You’re going to want that during labor.magnesium during pregnancy

Reasons to Avoid Magnesium During Pregnancy

There are reasons you may not want to take magnesium during pregnancy.  Most of them are associated with irresponsible supplementation.  Diarrhea is common with a magnesium overdose.  Not only is this added discomfort, you run the risk of dehydration which is dangerous.  Especially during pregnancy.

As I mention, magnesium naturally optimizes blood pressure.  An overdose can reduce blood pressure levels too far.  This can be extremely dangerous to your baby during pregnancy and delivery.

So…Can You Take Magnesium While Pregnant?

My vote is yes.  I encourage you to consult your doctor first.

I am continuously amazed by the benefits of magnesium.  I have reviewed a few of the most popular magnesium supplements.  If you decide to take one during pregnancy I am convinced it will make things easier.  Magnesium’s ability to level your mood will have a dramatic effect on your entire outlook.  As a result your pregnancy will run much smoother.  Your baby will develop properly and life will be good.