Benefits of Magnesium

I was talking to a friend the other day.  To my surprise she told me that she had just started taking a daily magnesium supplement.  Naturally the first thing I wanted to know is why she decided to start taking a magnesium supplement.  With all the benefits of magnesium, I wanted to know which one specifically she was concerned about.  It was her bone density.  There is a lot of news about osteopenia and osteoporosis these days.  Most reports relate to women specifically.  After discovering that magnesium was beneficial to preserving bone density she figured what the heck.

And that’s what stuck with me, the “what the heck.”  Why wouldn’t you take magnesium with all the benefits that proper levels bring.  It’s all natural.  The body needs it.  It makes you feel better.  And did I mention it’s all natural.

She also liked the sense of control that taking a daily magnesium supplement gave her.  After breakfast she would take her magnesium supplement.  In less time than is takes to find your keys she was actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  What started as a little insurance against decreased bone density transformed into a daily routine.  She felt great and there may be other reasons too.  It’s not just about the control.  The benefits of magnesium extend far beyond that of the bone density issues she was concerned about.

Depression Treatment

It has been proven that magnesium can treat depression.  Sure there are skeptics out there.  There always will be.  Magnesium and depression are related through chemical reactions that happen in the brain.  The release of serotonin is one of the many chemical reactions that are dependent on magnesium.  It’s all very scientific but as you will read my other posts and explore the benefits  of magnesium yourself, you will see 3 other essential elements that are mentioned often.  They are sodium, potassium and calcium.  The body is an amazing machine full of biochemical reactions.  If levels of these four essential elements are off then the body cannot function properly.

Prevent Anxiety

I began taking magnesium to help control my anxiety.  My journey with magnesium started by accident but has transformed into something quite amazing.  Almost immediately after I started to maintain proper magnesium levels my anxiety dropped.  My heart rate stabilized and I no longer had those fears and phobias the began to handicap my life.  Sure I still get a little nervous with new experiences.  I get a little stressed when times get tough.  But I feel more well equipped to handle these situations now that I take magnesium on a daily basis.  Life has become more manageable.  For me there is an undeniable relationship between magnesium and anxiety.

Relieve Stress

Ability to cope with stress is yet another benefit related to maintaining proper magnesium levels.  This can also help prevent stress related disease.  Heart attacks and high blood pressure are two major stress related diseases that are increasing in today’s world.  Magnesium can be directly linked to decreasing the likelihood of stress related disease onset.

Prevent Migraines

Get bad headaches?  How about migraines?  While much is still not understood about the causes of migraines, there is a sufficient amount of research and testimonial that suggests magnesium may be one of the best weapons against severe migraines.

If you continue to research magnesium the list will go on.  PMS, back pain, memory loss, night sweats, chronic fatigue, and arthritis are all symptoms of a magnesium deficiency.  There are so many benefits of magnesium that I have not talked about.  There are so many benefits of magnesium that I have not even yet begun to explore.  In time I will.  Please check back in the future.  I will continue my research and as always, I will look forward to passing along my findings.