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Can Magnesium Treat Depression Naturally?

Did you know that depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and fatigue are all symptoms of a magnesium deficiency?  Magnesium is one of the four major ions in the human body.  Magnesium along with sodium, potassium and calcium work to regulate hundreds of bodily functions.  Magnesium alone is a key

Natural Panic Attack Treatments

In order to successfully treat panic attacks it is important to first understand panic attacks.  Panic attacks are a result of the bodies natural fight or flight response.  They are usually triggered by stressful situations or a perceived threat.  Originally humans relied on this instinct for survival. 

Magnesium Overdose – How Much Is Too Much Magnesium

You’ve heard the saying “everything in moderation” I assume.   This may be some of the best advice that is consistently given.  While a magnesium overdose is possible, it is something that rarely happens and something I would not worry about myself. This is a question that comes

5 Low Serotonin Symptoms

Serotonin is a hormone in the pineal gland, digestive tract, central nervous system and blood platelets.  Serotonin plays a major role in chemical functions related to learning, mood, and sleep.  Some of the most common low serotonin symptoms are: 1.  Depression:  Serotonin is often referred to as

What Does an Anxiety Attack Feel Like?

I have a hard time believing that any one person can really answer this question.  What does an anxiety attack feel like?  That’s kind of like asking what does an orgasm feel like? While one is good and one is bad, they are both shrouded in mystery. 

Social Anxiety Disorder Sucks

If you suffer from social anxiety disorder, you know it sucks.  There is a debilitating feeling that is almost always present.  You may be constantly worried about being judged.  You may feel inadequate almost always.  You may view others as being superior or view yourself as being

What Causes Migraines? How Magnesium Might Help

Anyone who suffers from migraines knows they are extremely painful headaches.  Sometimes they are accompanied by other symptoms such as visual impairment (blurry vision or seeing an aura) or nausea.  It is possible to suffer from migraines with aura or without aura. If you have a migraine